Public Scholarship

Chronicle of Higher Education


“13 Years of a College Presidency.” (2015)

“What’s in a Name? Coming to terms with one’s identity is a lifelong struggle.” (2014)

“Huck Finn Is Everywhere.” (2010)

“Building a Better Trustee.” (2007)

“The Night I Almost Died.” (2007)

“The Facts of Life for an Administrator and a Mother.” (2003)

“Where the Twains Meet: Iconic Figure, Family Man.” (2002)



“A Tale of 2 Chickens, a President, and Her Mother.” (2011)

“For Claremont’s Female Presidents, ‘It’s Not Lonely at the Top.’” (2011)

“To College Employees, the Work Environment is All-Important.” (2008)

“What Can be Done to Diversify Executive Suites?” (2007)