Films, Podcasts, and Other Media

PBS. “Mark Twain.” A film directed by Ken Burns. (2002)

Los Angeles Public Library. “Drugs, a Daughter, and Death: Mark Twain’s Final Years.” (2010)

The Leonard Lopate Show: Mark Twain’s Other Woman. (2010)

NPR: On Point with Tom Ashbrook. “Twain’s Twilight Years.” (2010)

“Connie Martinson Talks Books Parts 1-4. (2010)

C-SPAN. “Women in the Lives of Wilson, Jefferson, and Twain.” (2012)

Indigo Films. “Dreamland: Mark Twain’s Journey to Jerusalem.” (Premier September 2017)

Quarry Farm Talks

Hartford House Presentation: Mark Twain and Critical Race Theory (2022)